The Brodhead Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors would like to welcome you to our community!

Brodhead is in the heart of Wisconsin’s Dairyland in South Central Wisconsin! We have many wonderful things to offer: a diverse business community, deep-rooted farming community, and small town hospitality.

Brodhead is a small community of 3,200, with something for everyone: an eighteen hole golf course, 23 mile Sugar River State Trail for biking, cross country at the golf course hiking, cross country skiing & snowmobiling; a historic downtown, great school district, shops, bed & breakfasts, food, festivals and fun! We also have many areas of native wildflower plantings which not only beautify the community, but also serve to prevent rainwater run-off and provide habitat and food for butterflies and birds (including hummingbirds).

Kayaks on the Race

Running through the city is the Mill Race Waterway - a man-made tributary extending from the Sugar River. Local citizens funded the hand-digging of this canal in the 1860's to provide water power for a mill, foundry, and 2nd in the state access to electricity! Today the Race and Sugar River are perfect for fishing, hiking, tubes, kayaks, and canoes. This peaceful setting offers nature at its best for all to enjoy. In 2012 the "Embrace the Race" initiative was launched by local citizens. Currently going strong and gaining momentum is the "Pearl Island Recreational Corridor" development on the 180 acres between the river and the Race, a cooperative effort among the City, Chamber, and numerous civic organizations and private citizens.

This unique setting has you covered if you are looking for tranquil beauty and relaxing activities. Brodhead is conveniently located within a two hour drive of Chicago, 40 minutes from Madison, 90 minutes from Milwaukee and an hour from Rockford. Escaping to Brodhead is guaranteed to be a refreshing experience and a decision you won't regret!