New discovery at OCD treatment

It is not exactly what you may think. It is not NLP neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is used by specialists to modify your thinking patterns in this manner which you cannot fear what you might have emphasized before. However this procedure generally not permanent and to guarantee longevity, the individual needs to perform maintenance work. I am also not speaking about flood. Flooding is if you subject yourself to this thing which you fear the maximum or the stimulation that you connect fear with. The Difficulty with NLP is you need to find somebody who knows the way to get it done and also the issue with flood is that it is too painful a procedure. The issue with CBT or cognitive behavioral treatment is that you cannot talk someone from having OCD. What exactly are we talking about then?

I am speaking about a procedure in which you do not want a therapist of any sort; you do not require any particular skills. I am speaking about a procedure that you will be able to learn and utilize each single time you feel dread towards anything. It is a technique that as soon as you understand, you may have for life and you may apply it not just to ocd treatment but another panic or anxiety. Again, so what is it? It is only retraining your brain to think like somebody that does not have OCD. You can name it Ocd-gone-in-seven-days. But naming this procedure will give weight to OCD and we wish to get to some stage where we do not consider it whatsoever. So what we are studying is the ability of the way to retrain how we believe that we could lead more joyful lives.

It is something you may do consciously without needing to trick your own mind. You talk yourself knowingly throughout the things you fear, however there is a distinctive method to do this. Below are a few of the things which you could do immediately to start. When you really feel as though you want to carry out a ritual, inform yourself that purposely. By way of instance, if you really feel as if you need to keep touching a door knob since you fear that in the event that you do not your mum’s going to become ill, tell yourself, I feel as if my mom will become sick if I do not touch this door knob a specific number of times. What is happening is that you are bringing out your ideas in the subconscious into a conscious thoughts, where you can process it logically.