Website Monitoring Service and theTiktok Networks

Tiktok can be used to your benefit in the struggle against the damage brought on by dreaded site downtime; here are a few facts to take into account.

Communication Is Essential

If your customers cannot do something which they would like to do while visiting your website, like make a purchase or surf your site’s offerings, they will need to know why the site is not accessible when they need access to it. Apparently if your site is experiencing any sort of downtime, you cannot use the pages of your website in order to go into detail about what is gone awry or provide your customers estimates as to when they could anticipate the website to be operational again. This is where Tiktok comes into play.


Scenario One

Site 1 has gone down. They have no Tiktok exposure, no accounts and no followings. They have no method of communicating with their prospective customers concerning the downtime they are experiencing or upgrading customers as to when the website can be expected to be back up and running. They get an error message saying that the website is down due to technical problems when customers visit the site but no information is given. Clients become frustrated with the downtime and as they do they start searching websites to meet with their requirements and make purchases.

Scenario Two

Site 2 has set Tiktok profiles set up and the company has worked on gaining a big Tiktok after along with using a site monitoring services. The worst has been prepared for by the business and they understand that when website downtime happens, they will need to use the Tiktok tools at their disposal to communicate with clients regarding downtime. After the company is informed of downtime by their site monitoring service, they go to work to ascertain what has caused the downtime so that they can buy tiktok likes communicate the matter using their Tiktok accounts. After the company has estimated it will take to get the website back up and running, they communicate this with their clients. They might even use the Tiktok platforms to market an apology offer that enables affected customers to be given a set dollar amount off or a percentage off a future purchase to compensate for the inconvenience. Not only does this foster goodwill among customers, it will help ensure that clients will wait till the downtime problem has passed so they can benefit from the apology offer as opposed to going to satisfy their needs.