Keep the Versatility of a Cargo Van when You Build Your Van Dwelling

Keep the Versatility of a Cargo Van when You Build Your Van Dwelling

Van versatility, this week the Stealth Van returned to its roots. Luckily once a cargo van, always a cargo van. Fortunately the interior finishing’s that made it cozy traveling quarters for one were designed with just such an eventuality in mind.

In more or less 10 minutes time, the bed and kitchen facilities were unscrewed and slid out the back door. Once again the cargo bay is wide open allowing us to make repeated trips to the Tangent Lodge, our new home base.

This is not to say the Stealth Van won’t return to it’s original assignment in the future, though I sense another redo or modification will be on the to do list requiring yet another unveiling upon completion.

For now transporting construction materials in an enclosed secure environment is required if we are to make our cabin in the woods a suitable retirement home.

We’ve spent most of the past week or so chasing around buying stuff for the cabin. Stove, kitchen cabinets, even dishes and linens. How nice is it to be able to box things up and just leave them hidden in our windowless van until the weekend. All nice and tidy, we headed out after work at the end of the week.

Returning for work on Monday, throughout the week again more essentials for the cabin accumulate in the van.

When you build out your van keep this in mind. It takes very little extra effort to design your furnishings so that they can easily be removed. A secondary thought would be to design your bed and other cabinets so that they can also be used outside your van, such as in a small apartment.

My original bed wasn’t of this more practical design so right now it has become a storage headache. Unusable as a bed without being mounted in the van. The next version will not only be easily removable but will also be a functional bed on its own outside the van.

For now we cruise from thrift store to home center taking advantage of sales and last of stock bargains. Not the most glamorous use for the Stealth Van Dweller which was built to aimlessly wander the country. With a spirit of providing inexpensive living quarters, Those ideals are still present at the Tangent Lodge where maintaining a small living budget is the ultimate goal.

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