Advantages of reusing phones in terms of energy saving

Advantages of reusing phones in terms of energy saving

For about every 500 phones that are recycled, there is enough energy savings to power a home for a full year. If all currently discarded cell phones ended up being recycled, it would save enough energy to power over 250,000 homes a year best iphone repair singapore.

Advantages for the earth and beyond!

The usefulness for the globe driving from the investment of renovated smartphones prevail, accordingly, also advantageous  for the fitness of human lives. But the help do not expire there and actually if they are not precisely pertained to the nature of the earth, they are however of great importance.


Buying a refurbished smartphone is much cheaper than buying a brand new one!

Good conditions

Smartphones are often returned to the retailer or manufacturer, not because they are damaged, but because they have moved on to a later model. So buying refurbished means buying high quality devices at affordable prices!

Quality assurance

Refurbished smartphones pass strict quality controls, only then are they made available for resale, otherwise they are disposed of responsibly.

On Redevice you will find only 100% original refurbished smartphones that have passed over 40 rigorous tests on operation. Totally sanitized and clean, formatted and guaranteed!

In recent years, smartphones have rapidly conquered the international market and its consumers, thanks to a constantly developing technology capable of offering ever more extended power and functionality . Unfortunately, in a similar way, the costs of these devices have also increased, bringing some smartphones – especially high-end ones – to prices that are often prohibitive.

However, today it is possible to access this category of mobile phones without necessarily having to spend the exorbitant amounts required. We refer, in particular, to the refurbished smartphone market.